Chicago’s Most Romantic Dining


Chicago is known for its diverse and innovative dining scene, and it’s also a great destination for a romantic evening out. From intimate candlelit dinners to stunning views of the city skyline, the Windy City has plenty of options for couples looking to indulge in a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re looking for classic fine dining, innovative cuisine, or a cozy bistro, Chicago has it all.


Love Mexican food? Then you will love Topolobampo! This River North restaurant takes an upscale twist on Mexican dining. With the variety of cuisine, you can explore here, one is sure to make a second reservation! The restaurant guides you through its Frontera Grill, which greets you in a festive, classy way. Topolabampo’s expertise in textures and unique tastes allow for this Mexican spot to be one you have never experienced before! Though a little pricy, Topolobampo is guaranteed to create a delicious, yet romantic twist this holiday!

Gilt Bar 

Gilt Bar is definitely a restaurant you would consider romantic, in a home-y way. Gilt Bar is located in the heart of River North, and has some of your favorite classics! From their slow incredible Linguine with Clams to their iconic chocolate layer cake, Gilt Bar is sure to have something for anyone. The bar’s romantically lit atmosphere and personal dining arrangements allow for a welcoming, yet private dining experience. 

Niu B

Sushi is just the kind of celebratory food that one is willing to go all out for. And where better than to do it at Niu B? Located right in front of the Spearman statue, Niu B will definitely bring out your new favorite contemporary maki, sashimi, and a variety of classics. This south loop sushi spot brings an authentic Japanese experience right to you! Niu B’s dimly, yet charmingly lit atmosphere creates just the perfect setting for romantic dinners. Make sure to book your next dinner reservation at Niu B’s!

Geja’s Cafe

Are you looking for fondue? Then you must try Geja’s cafe right in Lincoln Park. Geja’s beautifully decorated restaurant layout creates a unique, immersive dining experience. With over 56 years serving satisfaction, Geja’s welcoming hospitality will have you booking your next visit! Geja’s is known to be as perfect in “kindling romance”, and celebrates any special occasion. Known as “Chicago’s Most Romantic Restaurant”, Geja’s continues to uphold that title. Geja’s candlelit experience combined with their flamenco guitarists is a perfect way to celebrate love! Their variety of fondue, from sweet to savory, will have you ordering more. Make sure to check out Geja’s Cafe next time you consider dining out with a loved one.  

Moody Tongue 

This popular Chicago brewery is the perfect spot for your next romantic outing. With Moody Tongue’s elegantly arranged dining area, and craft beer served in the Moody Tongue bar, this brewery is one you’ll be glad you made reservations at. The restaurant’s south loop location makes it perfect for visiting the heart of Chicago while exploring some of the restaurant’s carefully curated meal options. Make sure to check out Moody Tongue, and try out some of their freshly brewed craft beers!

Le Colonial Chicago

Located in Magnificent Mile, this iconic Chicago restaurant is known as “an escapist’s paradise”. With Le Colonial’s beautifully festive decor, and their innovative way of presenting cuisine, the restaurant is sure to transport you to the other side of the world. Le Colonial prepares the most upscale Vietnamese/Frech foods, that one is sure to fall in love with! So, grab a friend, and bring them to the romantic experience that is Le Colonial! 


This romantically dressed restaurant is perfect for celebrating a night on the town. Quartinos is a popular Chicago pizzeria and wine bar that holds some of the classics you and a loved one will enjoy. Quartino’s serves some of Italy’s specialty meals. Known for their distinctive small plates, vintage decor, and personable staff, Quartinos is sure to be the best next date spot!

Il Porcellino

A personal favorite, Il Porcellino is the type of restaurant you will want to take anyone! Their affordable yet deliciously prepared Italian cuisine and their twinkling excessive use of delicate lights allow for any part of the restaurant to have that full Italian experience. Il Porcellino’s wine and cocktail menu are perfect for any date, event, and occasion! 


Named after its location on North Michigan Avenue, NoMI is sure to blow you away with its beautiful views. Located on the 7th floor of the Park Hyatt Chicago, beautiful scenes of the Water Tower, as well as the lake. NoMI’s elegant dining experience is balanced in the philosophy of impeccable service and is guaranteed to be sincere. NoMI Kitchen offers Executive Chef Terence Zubieta’s menu which included modern American cuisine rooted in French techniques, prepared with local ingredients! So, next time you are in the Loop and are looking for a classy dinner, check NoMI out! 


This West Town restaurant will transport anyone back to the small villages on the coast of Portugal, and the Spanish region of Galicia. This open-kitchen restaurant creates an atmosphere that can only be described as elegant and intimate. Porto’s dimly lit atmosphere, fireplace, and velvet chairs allow for a romantic Chicago experience. 

Make sure to check out their popular Spanish gin and some of their seasonal small plates.

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