Chicago Triathlon: Spectating and Day Of Tips

Chicago Triathlon

The Chicago Triathlon first took place in 1983. Now, 36 years later it has expanded into one of the most competitive and popular triathlons. Contestants come from all over the world to compete in the race that takes place right on Lake Michigan and the coastline in the center of Chicago. This year, the race is on Sunday, August 25, 2019.

The start is the swim at Monroe Harbor, 700 S. Lake Shore Drive. Spectators can watch their family and friends swim just east of Balbo St. and Lake Shore Drive. Good luck to all those brave enough to hop in and swim through the choppy waters!

Next comes the bike portion of the race. The swimmers jump out of the water and head to their bikes. This race starts just North of Lake Shore Drive and head all the way up to Hollywood Beach and back.  Viewers are not allowed to watch on Lake Shore Drive, but a great place to see the bikers is from the top of the 11 Street Pedestrian Bridge on Michigan Avenue and Columbus.

Once the bikers have hopped off, the run commences. Runners start their race just north of Monroe Street and Lake Shore Drive. They run all the way south to 31st Street following the lakefront path. At 31st Street they turn around and head north entering the finish line at Grant Park.

After the big race enjoy the Finish Line Festival located right in Grant Park. There will be various food trucks, Goose Island Catering concessions and beer and a live band! Whether you are participating in the triathlon or cheering the contestants on, it is such an exciting time to be in Chicago! Watch hundreds of people swim, bike and run long distances and then celebrate everyone’s accomplishments! Who knows, maybe you will be inspired to enter a triathlon yourself! Good luck to all triathletes!

-Devin Johnson

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