Cheers to a Classic: The Chicago Handshake


For Chicagoans, a ‘Handshake’ is more than a hand gesture. Instead, get an authentic taste of the tradition that Chicagoans love to hate: a shot of Malort and a swig of an Old Style Beer. To celebrate this Windy City Signature, Transit Tees is to host The Chicago Handshake Passport Party & Benefit on September 22 at Emporium Logan Square from 6 to 9 p.m.

This event finalizes this summer’s Chicago Handshake Passport Challenge, in which participants undertook the challenge of visiting and supporting 15 independent bars across the City by trying the Handshake drink combination. After braving the strength of Malort, participants collected stamps from each location to be redeemed at the Party & Benefit. 

Thus, join participants as they receive their limited edition challenge coins and commemorate their accomplishments. Along with games at Emporium Logan Square, a retro arcade bar, get down to a live DJ and capture your own Chicago memorabilia with a Malort face photo booth. Additionally, complimentary food staples, such as Chicago-style hot dogs, will be available. Pair your eats with none other than the Handshake, which will be on special. 

A portion of sales from the event will benefit Another Round, Another Rally, a nonprofit organization that provides resources to those working in the hospitality industry. So, show your love for Chicago’s customs while supporting those who make them possible. 

Reserve your spot at the party here.

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