Celebrating Creativity: The West Town Art Walk


Every year, the West Town Art Walk transforms the bustling streets of this Chicago neighborhood into an open canvas, where artists from the community and local businesses come together to create a celebration of creativity. This event, running from September 29th to the 30th, is a testament to the tapestry of talent that resides in West Town and aims to broadcast the neighborhood as a thriving cultural hub that welcomes residents, visitors, and business owners.

An Artistic Adventure

Art in West Town

The West Town Art Walk is not your typical art festival. It’s a dynamic experience that allows you to craft your own artistic adventure. From visual arts to fashion, music to culinary delights, there’s something to captivate every sort of artistic soul.

The beauty of this event lies in its flexibility. You can start your art walk at any of the participating businesses or head straight to one of the two main ones. The choice is yours, and each path promises a unique and exciting journey through the world of art!

Ride in Style

Worried about navigating the art walk on foot? Fear not! The event offers free pedicabs that you can flag down for a leisurely ride! This will ensure your comfortable exploration through West Town!

Celebrating a Decade of Artistry

West Town Art Walk

Established in 2011, the West Town Art Walk has spent over a decade fostering a sense of togetherness. This event is a testament to the arts district that West Town has become, thanks to its galleries and garden design retailers.

Local businesses not only open their doors to showcase artists but also offer special deals, making it a win-win for all. It’s a beautiful fusion of commerce and creativity that benefits everyone!

Whether you’re an enthusiast, a curious explorer, or a passionate supporter, this festival has something to offer you. So, join the artistic adventure and let your senses wander at the magic of West Town’s art scene!

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