Celebrate Christmas Eve Italian Style


The Carlucci team is ready ready to welcome you in style on Christmas Eve. A few tables are still available if you want to enjoy a classic Italian dinner and some great cocktails or mocktails.


In Italy, Christmas Eve is celebrated with seafood, lots of seafood. And at Carlucci’s, there is plenty of that. Think mussels, calamari, sea bass, salmon and more. If you prefer a classic pasta, try the iconic Bobonato, a housemade pasta tossed table-side in a parmesan wheel, with basil, prosciutto, and shaved truffle.


One of the most popular and tasty drinks at Carlucci’s is the Grow A Pear Tree (a delicious concoction of Grey Goose pear vodka, St German liqueur, lime juice and Angustora bitters). If you are looking to keep it alcohol-free, try the Apple Ginger Fizz (apple cider, freshly squeezed lime juice, a dash of apple vinegar, a pinch of cinnamon and ginger ale). A special surprise Christmas cocktail will be added to the menu as well.


Don’t wait to long to secure your table and book on the Carlucci website or call the restaurant (312-598-1000). Happy Holidays!

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