Adler Planetarium After Dark


Written by Dustin Ford

The Adler Planetarium is a great place to spend some quality time with friends and family. Most things at the planetarium are family-friendly, but there are some events that are only for 21+ visitors.

This event allows you to drink and have full access to the entire planetarium. This includes access to all of the planetarium’s exhibits and hands-on educational programs. You also get unlimited sky shows in any of their theaters. The sky shows change over time so there is never a dull moment. Speaking of constant changes, the theme for each of the Adler After Dark events changes each month. You’ll never go to the same one twice. Alternatively, you could just take a couple of drinks up to the Doane observatory and watch the stars.

Each Adler After Dark has live entertainment to accompany the theme of the night. As you can probably guess, most themes are based on space and science fiction. One month you might be dancing with stormtroopers and the next month you’ll be stargazing with Doctor Who.

The biggest thing that you’ll notice is that everyone is dressed for the occasion. It is encouraged that people dress up to fit the theme of the night. Test your own creative abilities and bring out your inner cosplayer.  

Adler After Dark is a great event to bring friends and dates to alike. If you are looking to spice up your nightlife then look no further.

Make sure to check the website for hours and dates of operation.

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