10 Places to Celebrate National Pizza Day in Chicago 


To some, National Pizza Day is just another day of the week, however, for Chicagoans it’s another holiday to celebrate. Here is a list of the best places to grab a slice of the infamous Chicago style pizza whether you prefer thin, pan, deep dish or stuffed pies.

Lou Malnatis

Indulge in a Chicago staple Lou Malnatis. Well known for their flaky, buttery crust which is topped with a sweet and tangy sauce and compliment it with the “Malnati” salad for the ultimate Lou’s experience. 


Thin crust which is slightly charred, blistery and bubbly with a slightly crispy edge cooked in a 1,500-degree oven fueled by clean burning coal offers many unique tasty sauces and toppings such as garlic cream, roasted tomato, smoked mozzarella and goat cheese to name a few.

Aurelio’s Pizza

Offering 30 different variety of toppings such as hot giardiniera, Ortega peppers, and Italian beef, while thick-crust and stuffed pizzas are available the buttery, crispy thin crust that is loaded with lots of cheese cut into squares is most recommended.

Labriola Italian      

Choose from the Signature Artisan Ciabatta style dough with extra virgin olive oil that makes a crispier crust or their focaccia style pan dough that bakes a caramelized crispy crunch, or for those who prefer the traditional crust a Chicago style thin pizza is also offered.


Best known for their famous deep-dish pizza with a golden-brown crust stuffed with mouthwatering flavors and lots of ooey gooey cheesy goodness, not much needs to be said about this Chicago staple and why it’s a must try.


Fluffy crunchy pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven, every pizza comes with freshly grated parmesan, house-made spicy giardiniera and their pizza powder, pizza foodies may want to try Chef Danny’s personal favorite the “Fire Pie” which is topped with sausage, giardiniera and chile de arbol. 

Spacca Napoli

Offering a Neapolitan style of pizza, the dough is made fresh daily and baked in an oven built by third and fourth generation artisans from Napoli. These pizzas are made with both fresh mozzarella and sauces on a fluffy charcoal crust but also offers a variety of fun toppings to choose from such as capers, gorgonzola and eggplant. 

Parlor Pizza

Neapolitan-inspired pizzas prepared in a wood-burning Pavesi ovens topped with fresh local flavor explosion of nontraditional ingredients such as brussel sprouts, leek béchamel, adobo chicken and sweet corn, it will be hard to order only one type of pizza. 


Imaginative thin-crust pizzas reflected in their unique names for the different combinations of the pizza they have to offer such as the “Alo-hott” with pulled pork and pineapples to “The Sammilton” with prosciutto and spinach will leave your taste buds screaming for more.

Pizzeria Portofino

Hand-stretched artisan dough made with stone-ground Midwestern grains, they offer seven craft pizzas to choose from as it will be hard to choose whether to do with the traditional sauce, the porcini crema or Tuscan truffle sauce salsa.

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