Witness the Future of Dance at “Millennials” from the Joffrey Ballet


It is pretty rare to here the word millennial in any positive connotation. As a millennial I constantly hear how my peers are self-centered, entitled, too technology-focused, and naive. If you meet someone who spouts these inaccuracies make sure to invite them to “Millennials” from the Joffrey Ballet and watch their mouths drop.

In true cutting-edge fashion the Joffrey Ballet opens its 60th anniversary season with works by three rising-star choreographers who are bringing in contemporary themes but still using classical ballet technique. “Millennials” will bring two world premiers by Myles Thatcher and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and a Chicago premier by Christopher Wheeldon.

Set in a train station, “The Passengers” from Thatcher is a new 25-minute work that explores transition, vulnerability, and relationships through nine different dancers. “Mammatus” by Lopez Ochoa is also a new piece but takes it outside the urban setting to nature where under LED-lit branches dancers take on the form of surreal insects and birds. Finally, recent Tony-Award winner brings “Fools Paradise” to Chicago for the first time. In a series of solos, duets, and trios dancers create an emotionally intense performances where the dancers become living sculptures.

“Millennials” from the Joffrey Ballet runs Sept. 16 – 20 at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University, 50 E. Congress Parkway. For tickets and more information visit joffrey.org/millennials.

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