West Fest: Showcasing the Vibrancy of West Town


The eclectic West Town community is preparing for its most anticipated event of the year: West Fest Chicago! This dynamic festival, renowned for its cutting-edge live music and vibrant atmosphere, truly reflects the spirit of the neighborhood. Presented by Empty Bottle Presents and featuring Bass By The Pound DJ Stage, West Fest promises to impress music lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike.

The Beauty of West Fest 

One of the distinguishing factors that sets West Fest Chicago apart is its celebration of the local community. The festival showcases the array of neighborhood retailers and restaurants, providing attendees with a taste of West Town’s culinary scene. From beloved food trucks to local food vendors serving up original dishes, there is always something to please every palate. In addition, West Town retail vendors and artists will display their expressive creations, allowing festival-goers to peruse and support the community’s talents.

Kid & Pet Friendly Activities at West Fest

West Fest Chicago also caters to families, with two dedicated events: Kid Fest and Pet Fest. Kid Fest is a haven for children, offering train rides, bounce houses, pony rides, and more. Young ones will be delighted by the activities and live entertainment on the dedicated Kid Fest stage. Taking place on Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm to 7 pm, Kid Fest provides a safe space for lasting friends and memories to be made!

For all the pet parents out there, Pet Fest is a must-stop spot. Sponsored and organized by Canine Crews, this pet-centric festival segment offers a range of activities for furry friends. With a dog obstacle course, paw painting, pet retail, and services booths, Pet Fest will be amusing for both pets and owners. Make sure to mark your calendar for Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 6 pm so you don’t miss out on all the pet-friendly fun!

Performances at West Fest

And that’s not all – West Fest Chicago boasts an incredible lineup of performances that will keep you entertained all throughout the event. With a constant stream of talented artists gracing the stage, the festival promises an immersive music experience. From the sounds of Glyde and Hyperactive to the tunes of Grapetooth and the legendary Derrick Carter, the range of music will captivate audiences and keep the energy soaring!

West Fest Chicago takes place from Friday, July 7th to Sunday, July 9th. The festival will run from 5pm to 1pm on Friday before Saturday and Sunday stretch the fun even further. On these days, visitors can expect the festivities to go from 12pm to 10pm, offering day-long endeavors! Click here to learn more about this free event that will certainly enhance your weekend!

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