Wear Chicago With Pride!


Chicago artist Paul Brourman reveals his newest collection, “Chicago Looks Good On You,” in collaboration with Pinstripes. 

Pinstripes is a dining, bowling and bocce experience with locations in nine states. The Chicago-based company celebrates its hometown roots with the installation of Brourman’s paintings in the exterior windows of its Chicago River East location

These paintings feature portraits of fictional people wearing iconic Chicago landmarks: Buckingham Fountain, the Centennial Wheel and the Bean.

“The concept came about after thinking about my connection with the city’s landmarks,” Brourman said. “In the face of the past two difficult years, these icons have remained a source of pride for all of us. They … symbolize the resiliency of Chicago, no matter what challenges it may face.”  

Brourman and Dale Schwartz, founder and CEO of Pinstripes, say Chicago pride is important as the city reopens following COVID-19. Brourman hopes his images will encourage residents and visitors to reacquaint themselves with this beloved city. 

“(I hope these pieces will inspire viewers) to recall their own experiences they’ve had with the city’s landmarks – and to feel compelled to dive in again and engage with these remarkable treasures unique to our city,” Brourman said. “ The series is ultimately an invitation to get back to the fun in Chicago.”

These images are available for viewing through the remainder of the year. T-shirts displaying the paintings will also be sold, so you too can show your love for the city. Additionally, a percent of t-shirt sales will benefit the Chicago Artists Coalition, a non-profit that supports up-and-coming artists in Chicago.

So, stop by Pinstripes Chicago to experience the paintings for yourself. Stay for an Italian-American dinner made from scratch and a round of bowling.

Written By: Hannah Carroll

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