Treasure Island at the Lookingglass is Gold


First it was “Moby Dick” to set sail from the Lookingglass Theatre, and now the theater catches some adventurous waves with their adaptation of the classic “Treasure Island.”

This children’s literaturfavorite comes to life in a way that only the Lookingglass can achieve. You’ll smile, laugh, and constantly turn your head as the young Jim Hawkins, the noble Dr. Livesey, the hilarious Squire Trelawney, the devilish Long John Silver, the righteous Captain Smollet, and a crew of thieving pirates search for treasure on the Hispaniola.

Like most Lookingglass plays the production is limited to a single set, and this time it is a 1700’s ship that is not only used as the Hispaniola, but also as the inn where Billy Bones leaves the treasure map, and the island where the battle between the pirates and the captain and his crew occurs.

However, the set is not a limitation but a diverse tool used by the multi-talented cast. If you’re not impressed by only their powerful acting thenn maybe the singing, instrument playing, staged fighting, and acrobatics will get you to mouth “Wow” in your seat. The true heart of this play though lies in John Babbo, who plays Hawkins. At only 15, Babbo does a great job at transporting every audience member no matter their age to those adolescent years where your only destination is adventure and your mode of transportation is your mind.

“Treasure Island” will run until Jan. 31, 2016 at the Lookingglass Theatre,821 N. Michigan Ave. For tickets, schedule, and more information make sure to visit


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