The Spookiest Haunted Houses in Chicagoland

Zombie Army Productions

Written by Dustin Ford

As the sun becomes less frequent, a gradual chill infects the air. Creeping its way up your spine and into your mind, this feeling of unease is real. Is it excitement or is it fear? One thing is certain; Halloween is upon us. In a city such as Chicago, you don’t need to look hard to find a good scare.

13th Floor Haunted House

The 13th Floor Entertainment Group is known for its many attractions, but they pull out all the stops for their haunted houses. With such a high production value, many would consider this the Crème de la Crypt. Every year is full of different scares; this year there are new attractions based around silver screen monsters and Stranger Things.

Midnight Terror

Midnight Terror is what you get when you combine some of the most twisted and devious minds together to make a haunted house. For over 20 years Midnight Terror has been crafting spooks and scares for the bravest of Chicagoans. They make a huge effort to remain “Actor Driven”, meaning that the actors are running this horror show.

Scream Scene

This northside haunted house is reminiscent of those old school community haunted houses from back in the day. Get taken back to the years of slasher films and cheesy horror tropes, where the scent of rubber masks and fake blood filled the air. If you’re here, you are either smiling or screaming.

Statesville Haunted Prison & Hellgate Haunted House

As two of Chicagoland’s most iconic haunted houses, these attractions are tasked with setting the bar. Will you try to escape an incarceration nightmare filled with demented convicts or dredge through the once-abandoned mansion and its hellish new residents? Either way, Lakeview on Halloween is not a place for the squeamish.

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