The NFL Draft is Back in Chicago


Chicago is on the clock. The NFL Draft is back after over 50 years, and it’s putting on a big show.

If you’ve been around Grant Park the past couple of weeks you’ve probably seen all the construction and traffic that the city has gone through for this momentous occasion.  Unlike in New York where you would’ve seen the draft being held in one building, Chicago has turned the draft into a giant party with three separate locations: Auditorium Theatre, Selection Square, and Draft Town presented by Oikos Triple Zero.

Most of the official business of the draft will be held at the theater and Selection Square, which require tickets, but what looks like the most fun part will be Draft Town in Grant Park. No tickets are required for Draft Town as it is a free fan festival filled with activities, food, drinks, live music, and player interactions. Fans can test their legs kicking field goals through an NFL goal post, run the 40-yard dash versus a video screen of NFL players running the dash, take part in a flag football tournament, get autographs from their favorite players, and more. Chef Graham Elliot has curated the food program for the festival that will feature Black Dog Gelato, County Barbecue, and Dia De Los Tamales among others. In addition, there will be a free concert Saturday, May 2 with Phillip Phillips, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, and Marc Scibilia.


The NFL Draft will take place April 30 – May 2 at the Auditorium Theatre, 50 E. Congress Pkwy, and Grant Park, 337 E. Randolph St. For more information visit

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