The Driehaus Museum is Reopening


We’re so excited to announce that The Driehaus Museum is reopening on March 6th! Come explore the art, architecture, and design of the late 19th century to the present!

The Driehaus Museum was once home to Samuel M. Nickerson, a prominent figure in the rising national banking industry. This restored mansion was finished in 1883, and illuminates Chicago’s culture, history, and urban fabric during the Gilded Age, or the era of rapid economic growth for the country. Chicago especially experienced not only rapid growth but also an influx of culture at the time.  

Take a tour of the following eight different rooms within the family house: The Main Hall, The Reception Room, The Front Parlour, The Dining Room, The Drawing Room, The Library, The Maher Gallery, and The Ballroom. Discover the purpose behind each of these rooms to really deepen your understanding of what wealth looked like during these prosperous times!

Can you imagine how much different life would be if you lived like the Nickerson’s in the late 19th century? Come see all the beauty of what wealth used to be and imagine yourself in the lap of luxury for an afternoon! Reserve your tickets today! 

Written By: Natalie Kokaska

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