That’s Amore! 5 Italian Restaurants Concierges Love


Chicago has such a thick Italian heritage that the buildings might as well be covered in plastic. Nothing says ‘Italian’ more than food, and Chicago has a lot of Italian food. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a nona [grandma] from the old country that will feed you until you explode. Fortunately, we know of a couple places that can give you an excellent taste di italia.

Peter Simoncelli – Ritz Carlton


Meaning ‘to fly’, this local favorite will send your taste buds soaring with their Rotolini di Melanzane with imported ricotta cheese and a Pomodoro sauce. The welcoming and friendly nature of this restaurant will make you feel like you are invited to a friend’s for dinner. Come join us.

Christopher Pinner – Conrad Hotels


Eataly is half abundant and exotic Italian markets and half vibrant and tempting restaurants. Hidden through a maze of fresh bread and stone pizza ovens you’ll find towers of fine cheese next to the extensive delicatessen and, my personal favorite, the fresh pasta bar.

Ana Cardenas – Holiday Inn Express

Osteria Via Stato

This fine Italian restaurant has become very popular as a wedding venue. Chef David DiGregorio traveled all across Italy to master the marinara and perfect the pasta. Enjoy the Chicken Mario or the sultry seafood stew.

David Gonzalez – St. Jane Hotel

Gene & Georgetti 

Named after it’s founders, Gene and Georgetti has become known as one of Chicago’s finest, and oldest, Italian steakhouses. The broiled skirt steak is just like how my grandma used to make, except it’s five times better and there really is no competition. 

Laurel Gray – Ritz Carlton


This is the place to be for handmade pasta. Chef Mauro Mafrici’s long and prosperous history of prestigious restaurants has allowed him to hone his craft. Today you can find him weaving pasta into gold right here at Pelago. Delizioso.

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