‘Systems’: New CAC Exhibit Explores Urban Renewal and Sustainability


The Chicago Architecture Center (CAC) opens the innovative “Systems” exhibition on November 1, a result of a month-long collaboration with Paris-based architects ChartierDalix. This exhibit reimagines mid-century high-rise buildings in Chicago’s Loop.

ChartierDalix, Villa Albertine grant recipients and part of the “French Perspectives” series with the Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB5), have created an exhibit featuring photography, scale models, video, and text. It will be displayed at the CAC’s Usher Lambe Gallery as an official CAB5 site, with free admission throughout November and December.

Innovative Insights into Urban Architecture and Biodiversity

“Systems” is a testament to the fusion of architecture, biodiversity, and urban living. ChartierDalix’s intensive research into Chicago’s Loop culminated in innovative solutions for modernizing iconic mid-century structures. Through captivating exhibits featuring photography, scale models, video installations, and informative texts, this exhibition offers inspiration for the future of urban design.

Fostering International Architectural Collaboration

Eleanor Gorski, CEO & President of the Chicago Architecture Center, stressed the pivotal role of international collaboration in architecture and design. ChartierDalix’s residency illustrates the lively exchange of architectural ideas between Chicago and Paris, shaping the future of urban revitalization.

ChartierDalix’s study of Chicago’s Loop and Paris’ La Défense business district aims to create innovative, resilient, people-centered solutions for high-rise districts’ evolution. “Repairing and stimulating instead of rebuilding is a meaningful way to save energy and promote sustainability,” said Pascale Dalix, ChartierDalix’s co-founder.

In addition to the exhibition, ChartierDalix engaged with the local community, ensuring their expertise and insights continue to inspire. The ChartierDalix residency and exhibition are made possible by Villa Albertine in partnership with the IIT College of Architecture, with generous support from Sandra L. Helton, Norman Edelson, the Graham Foundation, the Chicago Architecture Biennial, Chicago Architecture Center, and Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris.

Visit the Chicago Architecture Center to explore architectural possibilities that transcend borders.

For event details, visit the Chicago Architecture Center’s website.

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