Stepping Up Chicago Fashion


6 Designers To Watch

Ann Everett Fashion Designs

Maria Pinto

Having designed for the likes of Oprah Winfrey, the Joffrey Ballet, and Michelle Obama, Chicago fashion designer Maria Pinto is a perfect example of someone who succeeded through hard work and determination. Youngest of seven children, she grew up on the South Side of Chicago. Her boutique in the city, M2057 by Maria Pinto, is where you can shop her dresses, jackets & wraps made with Italian fabrics.

Ann Everett

Irish born Ann Everett is another Chicago designer who is leaving her mark on fashion history. Her European-inspired clothing is a mixture of old and new, details and textures. Ann is inspired by luxurious fabrics, Irish winter landscapes, and the architecture of Chicago. You can find her creations at her studio and showroom, Ann Everett Fashion Designs.

Sylwia Wilczynska

Sylwia came to America with big dreams and even bigger ambitions. After finding her footing, she landed in Chicago and quickly made her mark in Chicago fashion. Her boutique, SYLWIA Designs, is all about sophistication, fine details and clean lines. Her ready-to-wear collections include business, cocktail and evening dresses, and tailored jackets.

Boris Powell

Born in Alabama, Boris Powell developed his dreams of designing women’s fashion early in life. Inspired by Dior, he followed his dreams to Chicago. Powell caused a sensation and is still going strong out of his West Loop boutique. Known for luxury wear for women and men, his trademark silhouettes are created with sumptuous fabrics and elegant detail. 

CeCe Symone

Based in Chicago, Designs by Cece Symone is all about celebrating the individual beauty of each woman. The focus is on body positivity no matter what the body type, race, or gender.  Her bold designs are meant to custom fit your life whether it be casual wear, flirty dresses, fun vacation wear, exquisite lingerie, or the perfect accessory.

Jamie Hayes

Jamie Hayes is more than just a designer. Her passion lies at the intersection of fashion, art, labor, and identity. She believes that clothes should fit one’s body (not the other way around) and that people should wear what flatters and interests them. Her unique work is inspired by her travels and her collaboration with others, namely the project, Production Mode, which is built on the collaboration between fabric makers, visual and performance artists. Check out her studio at Mana Contemporary Chicago in a landmark building in Pilsen.

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