Start Planning Your Spring Getaway


Goodbye winter, hello spring! There are so many exciting things blooming as the weather gets warmer, which means it’s time to start planning your spring getaway. As the pandemic continues, safety is still at utmost importance, so these places are working their hardest to ensure a safe environment. That being said, here is what your getaway could look like:

Wake up with a cup of joe and some fresh breakfast from Yolk to start your day with a full and happy stomach. After a delicious morning, it’s time to start exploring! Head on down to the Chicago Architecture Center to book a tour or explore their beautiful center. It’s a perfect way to learn about the city and decide what else you want to see during your visit. Don’t forget to make your reservations online for either an architecture walking tour, a Chicago River architecture cruise, or for some architecture and design exhibits before arriving on your chosen day!

After this, make your way to the Art Institute for a celebration of art and culture from around the world made through the eyes of some incredible artists. We’re proud to have one of the top art museums in the world right here in our city. Leave inspired, maybe even reflect a little as you find your way to Garrett Popcorn for a mouth-watering snack! 

Once you feel satisfied again, take a journey to the SkyDeck Experience and gaze out a glass box that’s 1,353 feet in the air! They have been closed working on updates and will reopen in mid to late April, so keep your eyes on their website. The new and improved SkyDeck Experience now houses an interactive journey that tells the history of Chicago before you head up to the Ledge to take in the views. If you don’t want to miss this, start planning your trip for late April!

With all the excitement from the day coming to a close, it’s time for a fantastic dinner! Just around the corner awaits a flavorsome menu full of Italian cuisine at The Florentine. Pair any of their amazing dishes with a wine or cocktail, and enjoy your evening in the windy city! 

With outdoor dining re-opening, capacity limits increasing, and more vaccinations, we’re seeing more and more business and events open up and Chicago is excited to welcome you back!

Written By: Natalie Kokaska

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