Shopping on Chicago Avenue

Chicago Avenue is known for being named after the city, but a little known fact is if you head west of the river you can do some of the best shopping in the city on Chicago Avenue.


You can find all types of local and alternative clothing, furniture, electronic, music, wellness, and other shops on Chicago Avenue and we’ve highlighted a few can’t-miss locations to get that lamp, record, desk, or painting that you can’t get anywhere else except on the avenue.


Chicago Avenue runs the gamut with clothing selections where you can keep up with the latest trends, revisit some classic threads, or even transform yourself into a cowboy.

Only around for a little over a year and Study Hall is already making an impact in West Town. This small store is quaint and filled with great brands like Marushka or THVM that are hard to find in chain stores. Fitting to its name, Study Hall picks one subject each season to focus on and dedicates part of its store to it with themes stretching from kid’s winter clothing to indie in the ‘90s trends.

Alcala’s Western Wear has only one focus, but it does it better than any other store we can think of and that’s classic cowboy. However, don’t get confused. Once you step into the shop and take a look at the intricate designs of the cowboy boots you’ll realize this isn’t just a store to get a costume—this is a store to create a style. If you want to find quality denim and leather clothing then Alcala’s is where you want to go.

On Chicago Avenue, a common recurrence is vintage shops and while they all provide an eclectic collection you can’t skip out on visiting Krispyfringe Vintage. You can travel from the 1950s all the way through the ‘90s and today with Krispyfringe’s clothing for men and women along with their housewares, accessories, jewelry, and shoes. As with every vintage store, go into Krispyfringe looking to how to make the past fit you today.


In West Town you can find a gallery that houses pieces that can fit that large empty wall in your living room as well as behind your backyard bar. Chicago Avenue’s art will interest the connoisseur and layman alike.

Treva Gallery is a minimalist’s dream. What sets Treva apart is the beautiful mid-century furniture pieces curated by Matthew Rachman that can transform any room in your home. Along with the furniture make sure to check out the paintings by Danielle Monet Morse and Gary D.

Bar and sports aficionados must visit Pubs Of. Artist Brian Mckelvey has been traveling the country and creating these vertically stretched paintings since 2007 with the focus being on the pubs, bars, and local businesses of different cities. College football fans need to get prints of the street scenes from the hometown of their favorite team, and visitors to Chicago can’t leave without taking a poster of the pubs of Wrigelyville, Soldier Field, and the South Side.


If you’re looking for ingredients to spice up your recipes or that bottle of wine that best pairs with your meal then get targeted recommendations on Chicago Avenue.

Epic Spices doesn’t believe that ingredients like sansho Japanese pepper should be exclusive to fine dining restaurants. To Epic Spices every kitchen should be filled with spices that can take your ordinary dishes to another level. The specialty grocery store is making these fine dining ingredients available to the public at affordable prices.

After getting your dry ingredients it’s time to wet your lips at Lush Wine and Spirits. More than just a liquor store, Lush is for the wine lover who stands in front of shelves of wine at the grocery store and has no idea what to buy, which is most of us. With their classes, tastings, and helpful staff Lush helps you figure out what exactly you like and how to find it along with offering wine, spirits, and brews that you won’t find in other stores.


For that special friend or family member back home why not find them a gift more fitting to their personality than just a Chicago T-shirt. You’ll likely leave Chicago Avenue with your arms filled with souvenirs, accessories, books, toys, jewelry, and more.

What doesn’t Komoda carry? You can get a copy of “Goodnight Darth Vader” for your kids, some Betsy and Iya rings for yourself, and maybe even some chocolates for a loved one. Frames, shower products, candles, birthday cards, shoes—it is a feat to enter Komoda without leaving with something.

With works from 100 independent artists there is something for everyone at Paperish Mess whether it be tie bars with maps of the city, beautiful prints of tableaus, or just a cute poster of two foxes playing a guitar and autoharp. Paperish Mess has a unique gift for you.

These are just a taste of what Chicago Avenue in West Town has to offer, so plan your visit and find some of the most unique finds in town.

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