Shark Week at the Shedd Aquarium: Celebrate and Conserve


Before Humans, Dinosaurs, or Even Trees … There Were Sharks

Sharks have roamed the oceans for 450 million years, and today, over 500 species still inhabit our planet. However, these ancient predators now face the threat of extinction. This Shark Week (July 7-13) and Shark and Ray Awareness Day (July 14), Shedd Aquarium invites you to “Keep Sharks Swimming” by pledging your support, learning about these misunderstood creatures, and choosing sustainable seafood.

Dive into Shark Week Activities

Pledge to Protect Sharks Join the movement by pledging to protect sharks. Your support can make a difference in conservation efforts and raise awareness about the importance of these incredible animals.

Learn About Shedd’s Sharks Shedd Aquarium is home to eight different species of sharks. During Shark Week, you can dive deeper into their world, understanding their behaviors, habitats, and the crucial roles they play in the ocean ecosystem.

Choose Sustainable Seafood One simple way to support shark conservation is by selecting sustainable seafood. By making informed choices, you can help reduce the demand for shark products and promote healthy ocean ecosystems.

Special Events and Educational Opportunities Throughout Shark Week, Shedd Aquarium offers various events and educational programs designed to engage visitors of all ages. Participate in interactive exhibits, attend expert talks, and discover the fascinating lives of sharks and rays.

Plan Your Visit Find out more about these events and the eight species of sharks that call Shedd Aquarium home on their official Shark Week 2024 page. Plan your visit and be a part of this exciting and important celebration.

Join the Cause: Keep Sharks Swimming

Shedd Aquarium’s Shark Week is not just about celebration; it’s about making a difference. By participating in these activities and spreading the word, you can help ensure that sharks continue to thrive for millions of years to come.

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