‘Schoolhouse Rock Live!’ Opens at Apollo Theater


Chicago’s acclaimed and family friendly Emerald City Theatre opens their production of “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” at the Apollo Theater this weekend.

Through unforgettable songs like “Just a Bill” and “Conjunction Junction” (can I hear you say “what’s your function?”), a nervous schoolteacher must discover how to charm his students through imagination and music on the first day of class. Based on the beloved and award-winning animated series many of us grew up with, “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” brings the treasured Saturday morning melodies of the ‘70s back in a hip new way.

“Schoolhouse Rock Live!” opens on Feb. 27 at the Apollo Theater (2540 N. Lincoln Ave.) and ticket prices start at $15. View the complete performance schedule here.

Written By Amber Holst

Amber Holst is Vice President & Editorial Director at Concierge Preferred. A native Chicagoan, she’ll happily bend your ear about why Top Notch burgers are a must (as is an Original Rainbow Cone) and can often be found procuring milk candy in Chinatown after dim sum with her partner in crime or rooting on her beloved Green Bay Packers (yes, that’s right) at Will’s Northwoods Inn. Lover of cured meats, prosecco, and good old fashioned “slashies” she considers herself fortunate to be able to promote her hometown for a living. Fun fact? She can play the accordion.

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