Savor Carnivale’s Sights, Sounds, and Eats this Spring


Carnivale is one of Chicago’s most colorful and iconic restaurant. This Global Latin-fusion establishment proudly stands out in the West Loop like a sore, Rainbow-Colored thumb. There are just so many reasons to go to Carnivale, but lets try to break it down.


The first thing you will noticed about Carnivale it’s colorful appearance, much like the tropical birds of South America. Once you walk through the front doors, the rooms open into an explosion of more colorful lights, banisters, artwork, furniture, dishes and more. You become lost in a sea of smells as Latin-inspired food it drifts from table to table. Waitresses ducking in and out from behind performers as they hypnotize you with dance, all while music bounces through the banquet hall.

The Performers

Carnivale isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an experience. This is very evident in the frequent live performances that are there. Live music is played musicians, bands and DJs throughout the night, while a variety of performers are found throughout the banquet hall dancing, juggling hoops, breathing fire, walking on stilts, and so much more! These performances vary depending on the theme of the night; at one time you might find dance squads break dancing and the next you will see Aerialists suspended from the ceiling. There is so much going on that you feel like you are at the real carnival.

The Food

Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner all have unique dishes created by Chef Ozzy Amelotti. You’ll find an array of delicious dishes with influences taken from Spain, the Caribbean, and South America. Each meal has great presentation, such as everything in Carnivale. Pair your festive feast with fine wine, aged tequila, or one of many complex cocktails. Each drink is carefully chosen to pair with the cuisine. And. yes, there are vegan and gluten free options available.


Chicago is proud to have Carnivale; It’s a staple of the Second City. There are few places, like Carnivale, that can make you want to learn more about the culture and heritage that built it. For this and the experience it provides Carnivale is undoubtedly a Concierge Favorite.

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