See It Before It’s Gone: Saturday Night Live Experience


New York’s hardest ticket to get has brought a wildly impressive exhibit to Chicago and you’ve got through the end of March to see it! Originally scheduled to end in 2018, a massive demand and high popularity of this incredible exhibit influenced the Saturday Night Live Experience to stick around for three more months.

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From costumes to sets and everything in between, you will be amazed at the day by day walk-through of how each show is made just in time for Saturday night. Take photos of the 500+ artifacts, and even sit on the Wayne’s World couch, hang out on the Weekend Update set, and see popular costumes like Mary Katherine Gallagher, Harry Caray, and The Church Lady.

Amazing BTS History

From the creation of SNL to the show in present day, hear how cast and crew have evolved this popular American staple over the past several decades. From letters from Oprah to original scripts, you’ll be amazed at what you see and hear about SNL. Learn how each day of the week is spent in preparation for that week’s show, from brainstorming to writing, to costume and set design.

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