Safe and Fun Date Night Ideas


Valentine’s Day might be over, but that does not put a stop to date nights. Here are some unique activities that add onto the excitement of your special night! 

Darling Chicago 

This is not just your average cocktail hour. The Darling is one of Chicago’s best kept secrets for romantic date nights. Sip your drink in style in one of the enchanted spaces. Reserve a table in The Ballroom, The Library, or better yet get into the Winter Rose Gardens in a private greenhouse before they’re gone! 

Fox in a Box 

Put on your thinking cap and try out one of the best escape rooms in Chicago! Fox in the a Box provides a variety of room options for you and your date to escape. Whether you pick a bunker or a prison, each room contains its challenges and fun! 

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit 

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience. This exhibit allows you to explore through the art of Van Gough and walk in an assortment of colors. You will feel like you are inside of an actual painting!

IO Godfrey 

Grab a drink at Chicago’s swanky rooftop lounge! This rooftop lounge is open year round  and has plenty of precautions to keep you and your partner toasty. It is the perfect place to enjoy a chef crafted cocktail and chat above the city. 

Joy District 

Take your date to one of the most iconic rooftop bars in River North to check out their Winter Wonderland! The roof has everything from cozy heated igloos to themed cocktails. The impeccable views at Joy District are truly romantic. 

Pinstripes Chicago

Nothing wrong with doing something old school. Grab (or rent) your bowling shoes and bowl the night away at Pinstripes. How about a game of bocce for those wanting to take it up a notch? Not only does this place offer fun activities, but it has an extensive menu and bar for those looking to dine AND play! 

Studio W.I.P

Add a splash of color to your date and prepare to get messy. Sign up for a graffiti class at this Humboldt Park studio and create amazing artwork. This date idea is truly unique and is completely indoors! 

360 Chicago

What is more romantic than the Chicago Skyline? 360 Chicago is the best place for sightseeing and experiencing the city. Impress your partner with views equally as breathtaking.  

Branch out from romantic dinners and try something new! These spectacular activities are all open now!

Written By: Megan Collins

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