Robert’s Pizza is One of the Best Pizzerias in the United States


The Italian Fifty Top Pizzerias guide has made its 2024 selections, naming Robert’s Pizza and Dough Company the 10th Best Pizzeria in the United States. Robert’s was also awarded the prestigious Performance of the Year 2024 Robo Award. This competition is highly competitive and solidifies Robert’s as a must-try Chicago Pizzeria.

All About Robert

Robert of Robert’s Pizza is a New York native and certified Pizzaioli from Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli. He grew up surrounded by countless unique slices in New York. When Robert moved to Chicago he made it his mission to create the perfect pizza. After a 20-year journey of testing his signature recipes, Robert’s Pizza was born.

The Pizzeria

Robert’s Pizza has expertly crafted the perfect crust with a balance of crunch and chew that cannot be matched. At Robert’s each pizza is inspired by experience with love and adventure melted into every slice. From brussels sprouts and bacon to a classic slice with cheese, Robert’s Pizza can do no wrong.

Robert’s Pizza is located in Streeterville and is open seven days a week. Head to Robert’s Pizza and see for yourself why they truly serve up one of the best slices in the United States.

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