Reopening Chicago: Latest Update


During this difficult time, it has been the number one priority to keep us all safe and healthy. In light of all the restrictions due to the pandemic, measures have been created so in our daily lives we can have some sense of normality, while keeping those around us at low risk. Here is the city’s most recent update on the guidelines and expectations regarding COVID-19. 

Restaurants and Fitness Centers 

Chicago’s Phase IV guidelines went into effect on Oct. 1st. These guidelines indicate that restaurants, health & fitness centers, and other establishments can now increase their indoor capacity from 25% to 40%. In addition, the limit of 50 total individuals in one space while social distancing must still be enforced. At restaurants the maximum party size stands at six individuals for both indoor and outdoor establishments. For health and fitness classes the limit is set at 15 individuals while following social distancing procedures. 

Bars, Taverns, Breweries 

Establishments that serve alcohol without a retail food license are now allowed to open indoor seating to 25% capacity. The two-hour limit for each party still stands and requires all customers to be seated when eating, drinking, or ordering. Customers should be prohibited from walk-up ordering at the bar. Furthermore, establishments that serve alcohol must partner with a vendor such as a food truck to provide customers with food. Bars, Taverns, Breweries and restaurants will now be able to sell alcohol till 1:00 a.m. and are required to close by 1:30 a.m. The maximum party size for bars continues to be six individuals. 

Personal Services 

For services that require customers to take off their face coverings such as facials or beard trims are now able to reopen. However, it is recommended that these services be under 15 minutes and the employees conducting these services must wear a face mask at all times. 

Lastly, phase IV continues to enforce that all individuals must wear face coverings except when actively drinking or eating, must follow social distancing guidelines, and all businesses must provide hand sanitizer for customers and employers. 

Written By Marla Chavez Garcia 

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