Puff Puff Passport: Chicago’s Marijuana Dispensaries


At the dawn of the year, Chicago’s marijuana dispensaries opened their doors. Now that a few weeks have passed, you can finally go to one without waiting in a 4-hour line. There are several dozen shops around the city so it might be hard to find which one suits you the best. You might want to shop around. Here are a couple of places to try out first.


These dispensaries have several locations around Illinois. These storefronts are most well known for their orange storefronts and customer service. The professionals here can help you find what products can best suit you.


As the name suggests, it is this dispensaries mission to help customers experience cannabis in the best way possible. They don’t just fill your orders; they fill your needs. Walking into this South Shore storefront is like walking into a futuristic deli, with all their products in airtight containers behind a glass countertop.

Maribis of Chicago

This dispensary has a huge selection of different products. There is a little something here for everyone. Better yet, check the whiteboard for great deals and specials. It might be better if you experience this cannabis candy store for yourself.


Whether you’re looking for baggies, edibles, oils cartridges, RSO, wax, or candies, this dispensary has something interesting to try. This storefront screams modern Chicago with it’s colorful, clean-cut, and simplistic design. This is like the ‘Apple Store’ of cannabis dispensaries.

Dispensary 33

This dispensary sits pretty in Chicago’s Uptown area. It has all the goods that you would expect from a Chicago Dispensary, but it also has a daily menu. This storefront is reminiscent of a modern jewelry store. Your significant other would probably prefer this place over any jewelry store.

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