Experience ‘Pets Unleashed’ at the Chicago Children’s Museum


pets-unleashed-girl-hugging-catThe Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier’s new special exhibit, Pets Unleashed, opens on Jan. 23rd, channeling kid’s natural love of animals into a pet paradise filled with climbable dwellings, “pets”, and props of all kinds making for hours of imaginative play.

Let’s face it, kids everywhere love pets—both the real and stuffed varieties—and this deep connection often represents the first real opportunity to practice care taking behaviors that nurture empathy and burgeoning social skills. Pets Unleashed channels this natural affinity for animals into an immersive environment designed to inspire open-ended, empathy-building play.

Little ones will be wide-eyed with wonder when they enter this fantastical pet paradise. Filled with climbable dwellings, caretaking props, wearable animal accessories, movable structures, and “pets” of all types and sizes, this exhibit provides a platform for boundless self-expression and imaginative play.

Kids can brush, feed, bath, bandage, and otherwise care for their “pets.” Or they can be a pet and experience life from an animal’s perspective. Whatever roles they choose, Pets Unleashed offers a pathway to developing compassion, empathy and respect, for others and themselves.

Pets Unleashed will be open at Chicago Children’s Museum Jan. 23-May 1.

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