Pauline Frommer’s Chicago Hot Spots

We met with New Yorker Pauline Frommer, the Editorial Director for the Frommer Travel Guides and Co-President of Frommer Media LLC, to talk about her favorite things to do while in Chicago. 

“Well, the first thing I do is contact family,” Pauline Frommer states while explaining her thought process when arriving in Chicago.  “My mother grew up in Evanston, so I still have a lot of relatives there. And my younger daughter started Northwestern in the fall.” 

Besides the family responsibilities Frommer has in Chicago’s North Shore, one of her top priorities while visiting Chicago is finding new and exciting places to eat. 

“The second thing I do is I try to make a restaurant reservation somewhere exciting and new,” Frommer says. “I always eat so well in Chicago.” 

She then continues to explain that while being a proud New Yorker, Chicago has the second best food scene in the country. Frommer states that she always likes to try new places when she visits Chicago because she might end up writing about her experience there. 

“Last time I was in Chicago, we had the best meal,” Frommer exclaimed while talking about a Pilsen restaurant S.K.Y. that she wrote a review on. “It was over parents’ weekend for Northwestern and it was in an area that I’ve never been to before. Delicious.” 

Frommer with her husband and daughter at the Northwestern Gate

Besides checking out new restaurants in the city, Frommer takes time to view the city in different ways. 

“One of the best things I’ve ever did in Chicago was I took a Chicago Greeters Tour,” Frommer says. “These are free tours that are run by citizens. Mine was led by a former lawyer who is also an architecture buff. He walked me around the loop and showed me all the incredible art in Chicago and told me about his life in the city.” 

Great Museums

Frommer has also found a love for various museums while visiting Chicago. 

“I love your Writers Museum,” Former says. “Being a writer, that really spoke to me. I thought it was remarkably well done, just enough interaction to keep people focused on it. Really eye opening and beautiful museum.” 

When asked about where she likes to stay when visiting Chicago, Frommer states that she likes to stay in inexpensive places. 

“I just go with whatever is affordable and and not too far out of the way,” she says. “We did an article on Frommer’s on the best search engines for hotels. We do it every two years.”

Frommer is visiting Chicago once again for the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show where she will be one of the keynote speakers. You can attend to hear more about her favorite Chicago adventures and more on February 19th through the 20th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.    

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