Orchid Show Returns to Chicago Botanic Garden

orchid 2013mar20_2226-M

Sure the weather outside doesn’t bring thoughts of flora, but Spring is right around the corner. Right? Anyways, you’ll definitely feel Spring when you head to the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Orchid Show.

The Orchid Show will feature over 10,000 orchids in the warm Regenstein Center Greenhouses and Galleries of the Chicago Botanic Garden. Visitors will be welcomed by colorful arches of orchids along with orchids wrapped around trees, columns, and suspended from structures. This is one chance where you do not want to leave your camera at home.

This year the show will focus on vanilla, which many forget that besides being an ingredient actually comes from an orchid. The show will cover its history and process from plant to bottle. In addition, the garden will be providing live music on certain mornings, a marketplace to buy orchid and orchid-related material, and orchid-themed classes and competitions.

The Orchid Show will run through March 15 at the Chicago Botanic Garden located at 1000 Lake Cook Rd. Glencoe, IL. For tickets and more information visit chicagobotanic.org/orchid.

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