New! Multi-Sensory Experience in Chicago


In 2019, Sloomoo Institute launched its flagship in New York and on November 19th the Chicago location will open its doors. At Sloomoo Institute you will find joy through multi-sensory play, which will give you a well-deserved mental ‘reset’ and detox from the modern world. All of this, with the help of slime!

Carol Fox and Associates Public Relations

This satisfying experience will be held at 820 N. Orleans Street, in River North. The brand-new loft space in Chicago gives plenty of room for activities. There are interactive experiences, using all senses: sight, touch, smell, and sound. A DIY slime bar will be there that includes 60 scents ad decorative slime charms.

Also, there is ‘Sloomoo Falls’. Sloomoo Falls is a waterfall of slime that guests can stand under. ‘Lake Sloomoo’ provides 350 gallons of slime to walk on. A Yayoi Kusama Obliteration Room-inspired “Slime Wall’, will also be present. There will be kinetic slime, ASMR experiences, and so much more slime fun. If you want to relieve stress from the outside world, then this is definitely for you. Tickets and more information can be found here. Join the immersive experience today!

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