Meet the Windy City Smokeout Chefs

Katie Kauss

Windy City Smokeout returns to Chicago on August 4-7. It’s the place to be for lovers of great barbecue, bourbon and country music! Live performers include Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, Sam Hunt and Willy Nelson, but there’s also an all-star BBQ chef line-up, including these Chicago-based chefs. 


Bub City is Chicago’s top destination for live country music, whiskey and barbecue. Chef Tim Cottini’s favorite barbecue dish is the 18 Hour Smoked Brisket, a dish that takes finesse to execute and requires a hands-on approach to ensure that each piece is up to the restaurant’s high standards. Chef also loves the Brisket Burnt Ends, cooked in housemade BBQ sauce for an additional 4 hours until the meat caramelizes, giving it a crispy exterior with a moist and flavorful interior.  


Located down a charming brick paved alley in the West Loop, the nationally acclaimed Green Street Smoked Meats beckons guests with rock music and house-smoked, Central Texas-inspired BBQ, served at the counter in a warehouse-style restaurant. The curated menu focuses on staples of backyard BBQ, including brisket, beef short ribs, and chicken legs, along with rich pork belly and smoked salmon. An array of vegetable-centric side dishes includes a savory potato salad, sweet and nutty broccoli salad, and the popular Frito pie. Guests enjoy a selection of specially chosen craft beers and BBQ-friendly cocktail pairings.


D’Andre Carter is no stranger to the food world. The Chicago-based chef ran a Michelin-starred kitchen, then left fine dining to strike out on his own. He first hosted pop-up dinners, then started a full-service catering company, and finally launched Soul & Smoke. Carter describes himself as a chef first, and pitmaster second—a careful and elevated approach to the barbecue experience that makes Soul & Smoke unique. Chef D’Andre: “I connect most with our rib tips because I’ve been eating them since early childhood.  Ours are hickory smoked to perfection and served with Soul & Smoke’s tangy signature sauce that takes them over the top.”

For more information, full line-up, list of chefs, and tickets, check out the Windy City Smokeout website.

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