Medicinal Marijuana takes center stage at Navy Pier this weekend


Now I know what you might be thinking and, no, it’s not that. The My Compassion Cannabis Conference being held at Navy Pier this weekend is the premier medical forum and exposition on medicinal marijuana, educating attendees on the many practical uses of its different active ingredients in healthcare today.

Now in its second year, this event will be held in the Aon Grand Ballroom this weekend and is a ticketed event which is open to the public. It will feature the leading practitioners, patients, and providers in the Illinois Cannabis industry as well as numerous keynote speakers including doctors, attorneys, patients, and business professionals. These experts in every aspect of the field will educate visitors about the latest advances in how cannabis can be used in healthcare, the most important issues facing Illinois patients as well as testimonials on how it has changed many lives already.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed expert, or admittedly a newbie looking to learn more, the conference welcomes all comers looking to build relationships in order to learn more about getting involved and staying properly informed on the cannabis industry. Since the legalization of medicinal marijuana in Illinois in 2011, the advocates of its use to become more widespread have come out in droves leading to this wildly popular and seriously successful conference. If it’s something you want to learn more about or how you can become involved in some way be sure not to miss this event.

My Compassion Cannabis Conference will be held at Navy Pier July 23-25, to learn more about the event or how you can get tickets, go to

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