Let There be Sausage!


The 2023 Haymarket Annual Sausage Festival

Any sausage lover must make an appearance at the 2023 Haymarket Annual Sausage Fest! On March 4, the Haymarket Pub and Brewery is hosting their sausage extravaganza, which will host a  variety of encased meats, guest companies, beers and memories that you won’t forget. 

Historic Brewery

Located in Chicago’s West Loop on the corners of Randolph and Halsted – in the exact spot where the Haymarket Riots of 1886 took place- the Haymarket Pub & Brewery has a rustic ambiance that sets the mood perfectly for exploring a variety of sausages. Often holding live music, the hospitality and the energy of the brewery creates a great social space for any event. The Haymarket Brewery promotes a variety of beers and other libations.

The Haymarket Sausage fest will be held on Saturday March 4th, from noon to 4 p.m. The event has partnered with various companies to ensure its guests get a genuine sausage-fest experience, including breweries like Begyle, Revolution, Short Fuse,Old Irving, Adam St, Buckledown, Hailstorm, Alarmist, Cruz Blanca, Moor’s & Funky Town.

Only The Very Best Meats

Meat providers include Short Fuse, Old Irving, Bergoff, Kaiser Tiger, Revolution, Carnivore, Crust Fund and Grateful Bites.

New this year is GOLDEN WEINER AWARD! The public chooses the winner, so make sure to come to Sausage Fest with an empty stomach. 

The Haymarket Sausage fest will hold a variety of tastes, flavor, and memories that will forever be cherished. From sausage, to beer to even a competition, The Haymarket Sausage Fest will be an event you won’t regret! Make sure to purchase your tickets in advance here!

Written by Paulina Czupryna

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