Lego My Willow: Lego Art at the Morton Arboretum

Morton Arboretum

Written by Dustin Ford

The Morton Arboretum is known for its huge collection of trees and plants, but if you come into the arboretum before September 15th you can watch them turn a park of wood into a park of brick. Walkthrough the beautiful wooded path decorated with huge, elaborate sculptures made entirely out of LEGO bricks.

Nature Connects is an ongoing series at the Morton Arboretum involving LEGO sculptures being put up around the park. The craftsmanship that goes into these works of art astonishes young and old alike. Building blocks are the epitome of creative freedom, which might be why we hold these statues in such high regard. We all used to make things with these children’s toys, but few make such works on this scale. Sean Kenney is one such individual.

Sean Kenney is an artist that used LEGO bricks as his medium. For years, this man has pumped out beautiful works of art out of simple toys.  He has crafted several different works themed after natural beauty for this exhibit. Over half a million LEGO bricks were used in the process. You’ll see several giant sculpted creatures among the arboretum, from the modest tortuous basking by a stream to the crafty spider suspended above you.

In addition, you can swing by the Children’s Garden to create a LEGO sculpture of your own. After seeing this exhibit you’ll want to get your feet wet and start making something yourself. The creative liberties that LEGO inspires are intoxicating.

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