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Adaption is one of the biggest things Chicago residents had to learn this year. In these uncertain times, it is crucial to adapt to the changes in the city and throughout the world. Chicago Architecture Center takes this to the next level with their online exhibits. These exhibits give guests the experience of exploring the city without even leaving the house! The 3 exhibits below take the viewers on a virtual journey to different locations in Chicago, and they are offered unique views of proposed changes to our city – whether it be a new skyscraper or the rejuvenation of less polished areas.


Why not transform the places in the city that are no longer in use? This showcase allows guests to explore 50 underappreciated spaces throughout Chicago. Each of these locations can be transformed and revitalized, done in hope to increase their prominence within their respective communities – whether it is by remodeling old buildings or using vacant spaces. For example, the abandoned Masonic temple in Englewood (which is now demolished) was proposed to be an arts center for the community. The exhibit provides 50 community-based design solutions to change these spaces into active, positive areas looking to improve Chicago and its neighborhoods. Other ideas in this exhibit, such as the Washington & Wabash train station remodeling, serve the purpose of modernizing the city’s hardware. Within this exhibit, there are unique ideas that could be used to refresh the bustling city of Chicago.


Make use of all the city has to offer. This online exhibit takes its participants to 50 different Chicago wards and reimagines the ward to make it even more valuable to the community. View 50 original transformative proposals introduced by 50 of the city’s top architecture and design firms. All of these ideas are essential for building a better Chicago, such as marketplaces that sell local merchandise only, allowing small businesses to launch off the ground. There are also ideas that focus on improving the environment and the community simultaneously, such as a water- treatment center that includes a food kiosk and bike stations. Filter the proposals to your liking by criteria such as artist, designer, or architect. There are a myriad of ways to improve the city, and these 50 ideas show how deep of an impact architecture can have.


Share ideas to help change reality. This online exhibit comes from a competition that took place in 2015, in which participants were challenged to come up with ideas to create a new Center for Architecture, Design, and Education in Chicago. Participants used architecture to create educational buildings that encompass the innovation that comes with school. The exhibit allows guests to explore the winning entries and all that was submitted in the competition. The purpose is to draw attention to the importance of changing cultural institutions in order to improve learning and urban education.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to explore Chicago’s fine architecture on those frigid winter afternoons. Take a walk through the city with jammies and hot cocoa in hand!

Written By: Megan Collins

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