Keys to the City: Chicago Piano Bars


The Piano, one of mankind’s biggest and yet most unique musical instruments. They are one of the most noticeable things in a room, and for good reason. Pianos are exciting, relaxing, and pleasing to the senses. You see a lot of pianos in Chicago businesses, especially the bars. Some have them there as decorations, but others take them in as a part of their life.

Howl at the Moon

If you didn’t come for the literal bucket-sized cocktails, then you probably came for atmosphere and good times. These high-energy shows are bound to make your feet start tapping. The dueling piano stage offers an intimate experience for guests and performers, alike.

Redhead Piano Bar

The Redhead Piano bar is a favorite to locals and tourists alike. This place brings people in from the hectic life on Ontario Street and opens up to a new world of relaxation. It features small bits with big taste, sophisticated martinis and wines, high-quality cigars with complimentary smoking lounge, and that sweet, smooth piano string action.

Zebra Lounge

This watering hole has performers tickling the ivories every night. The Zebra lounge has been in business ever since your grandparents started bar hopping. Somehow they were able to stuff big leather booths, zebra print lamps, a bar, a piano, and all that coolness into this compact space.


Sluggers is the only piano bar that can capture the rapid energy of diehard sports fans. It’s hard to imagine a sports bar right next to Wrigley Field with batting cages, arcade games, and dueling pianos, but Sluggers was able to pull it off with flying colors. Speaking of colors, remember that Sluggers is located in the heart of Cubs territory!

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