The Illinois Holocaust Museum is a Must-Visit Cultural Treasure

Stories of Survival: Object. Image. Memory. Photo Courtesy of the Illinois Holocaust Museum

This cultural treasure is something everyone should experience on their visit to Chicago. Here’s a look at two must-see exhibits.

Take a Stand Center

The Take a Stand Center is absolutely not-to-be-missed. It features four interactive galleries that guide you through social justice issues, empowering you with knowledge and inspiration and reminding us all to stand against hatred in all its forms. The centerpiece is the Abe and Ida Copper Survivor Stories Experience, which was named a top 12 exhibit to see worldwide by Smithsonian Magazine. Utilizing new technology to enable “conversations” with recorded Holocaust survivors via 3D holography, there’s truly no words to describe how impactful this experience is. Fun fact? Of the eight recorded Survivors, seven of them are from the Chicagoland area.

Stories of Survival | Special Exhibition

An epic new exhibition showcasing more than 60 personal artifacts brought to America by Survivors of the Holocaust, the world premiere of Stories of Survival: Object.Image.Memory is a must-see. Exploring the relationships between objects, their meaning to the original owner and subsequent significance, each artifact is dramatically paired with oversized photographs by renowned documentarian Jim Lommasson with handwritten responses by Survivors or their family members. The objects featured in this exhibit are as everyday as a teddy bear and a black suitcase and as symbolic as a wedding announcement as saved by Survivors from genocides around world.

For ticket information, hours, and group tour information please visit the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center online.

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