Humboldt Park’s 2019 Water Lantern Festival

Water Lantern Festival

Written by Dustin Ford

The Water Lantern Festival is a festival in which thousands come together to cherish a magical night. Everyone gets their own lantern that they can customize before setting it afloat in the Humboldt Park Lagoon. Thousands of floating vessels light up the dark water just after sunset. The flames burn illuminating their personal design, much in a similar way that we celebrate our differences together.

This event is being held outside the Humboldt Park Lagoon on July 20th. Tickets are approximately $30 for adults, $19 for ages 8-14, and free for anyone younger than that. Each ticket includes entry, a lantern and marker, a drawstring bag, and a wristband. Prices might change as the date of the festival approaches so you might want to purchase one soon if you plan ongoing. There are other special offers available on the Water Lantern Festival website. Part of the ticket price going to cleaning up all the lanterns and trash the next day. This organization is dedicated to leaving the park clean and healthy after the festival.

There will be plenty of other things to do while you are here. Expect lots of some of Chicago’s favorite food trucks to be stopping by and serving their best grub. There will also be independent vendors and artists showing their craft. Shop to your heart’s content and then sit in the park during the live performances.

This is a great event to bring kids or a date to. It’s a sweet event that encourages people from all over to get together and show off their creativity. It’s the little differences in each lantern that makes them shine brighter.

Be sure to get out our blog for more things to do this Summer.

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