How to Survive a Chicago Hangover

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Concierges Weigh In On The Best Picker-uppers

With Chicago’s multitude of great bars and beverages, it’s hard to resist a mixed drink…even if that leads to a hangover the next day. Of course, Chicago has its share of luxurious, upscale restaurants, but the best meals for a hangover are the quick, greasy options. Below are some of Chicago’s favorite restaurants with the best hangover remedies. 


Logan 11 Bar & Kitchen 

“My recovery comfort food spot is Logan 11 Bar & Kitchen (2230 N California Ave). Delicious Buffalo Style Calamari or the Spicy Black Bean Sandwich are a must-try. The Pretty in Pink Cocktail is a citrus-y treat.” – Flor Sigaran, Senior Experience Concierge, 110 North Wacker


“I’ve taken a page out of the late, great Anthony Bourdain’s book and whenever I’ve had a big night out, I crave noodle soups the next day. The pho bo at Phodega in Wicker Park always helps get me going again. Or the spicy oiimen ramen at Oiistar in Wicker Park is a hangover cure as well.”  – Casey Frankel, Concierge, The Peninsula 



If you have never visited Chicago, classic diner Portillos is a must-visit. Based in Chicago yet slowly spreading across the US, Portillos features some of the best-known Italian beef, as well as cheeseburgers and milkshakes…just what you need for the day after.

Lou Mitchell’s

Love coffee? Definitely try out iconic Lou Mitchell’s family-owned restaurant for some of the world’s finest coffee and a variety of breakfast specials. With over 98 years in business, this classic diner on the old Route 66 continues to fill the stomachs of Chicagoans and visitors alike …and is guaranteed to ease your hangover. 

Steak’n Egger

Is your hangover giving you the munchies? The solution: Steak’n Egger. Located in Pilsen, this 24-hour diner boasts an incredible breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. With a classic small diner vibe, Steak’n Egger provides some of the best recovery eats.  From biscuits to BLTs, you’ll be feeling better in no time. 

Chinatown Boba

Hungover but not necessarily hungry? No problem. Boba, or bubble tea, is considered a perfect morning after “meal.” After a night of imbibing, what better way to start your day than with a fun, tasty drink?  Chicago’s Chinatown has many options: Te’Amo Boba Bar, Bingo Tea, and Kung Fu Tea offer some of the best milk tea, smoothies, and tapioca. 

Written by Paulina Czupryna and Leentje De Leeuw

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