Horror at the Drive-in


With Halloween approaching and all the festivities that come with it there’s no better way to get into the spooky spirit than going to the theater and watching a horror movie. With many restrictions and only a limited number of theaters being re-opened in the city, The Music Box improvised for their “24-hour horror movie marathon” the best way they know how. 

They partnered with Pilsens Chicago movie drive-in to continue their horror movie festival. This time lasts through the whole month of October. While usually the marathon features less known horror films, this time with such a larger event the Music Box is going to be showcasing more popular films. Such films like Final Destination, Attack the Block, and the Host will be sure to pull in a larger crowd as people are eager to get back to the theater, while still appealing to the die-hard horror fans with more niche films.

Besides the screening of the movies this time around the festival has more in store for movie goers. Special movie intros, filmmaker Q&As, and live show content to enhance the experience. All of which will be going on throughout the month long showings on specific dates. Special events are taking place on every friday, saturday and sunday, such as their Sequel Sundays event which will be screening sequel films to very popular horror classics. 

If you’re interested in going at any point through the month you’re gonna want to get your tickets now, having gone on sale september 10. Ticket prices per car range start at 30 dollars and up to 40 so get a group of friends or family together for a ghoulish experience that will for sure be a memorable one. 

By William Norris

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