Head in the Clouds at Skydeck Chicago


Visiting Chicago can be overwhelming with the amount of activities and places to see within the city, but one place in particular will make you feel like you’re on top of the world…literally. The Skydeck on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower is a must-visit for any first time visitors or natives. 

The Skydeck is not your usual sightseeing attraction, the Willis Tower stood as the tallest building in the world for almost 25 years after it was built. Because of this, the tower has attracted many to the city and is a staple of the Chicago skyline. 

Before planning your visit to the Skydeck make sure to head to their website for their COVID 19 guidelines and updates. The Willis Tower and the Skydeck have taken the proper precautions to allow visitors to keep coming. Including social distancing, limited capacity, and of course mandatory masks. With these precautions comes timed tickets to allow limited amounts of interactions between groups of visitors, this also means you’re going to want to get your tickets ahead of time. 

The infamous “Ledge” is what has made the Skydeck so attractive to tourists. The Ledge is a glass box that sticks 4.3 feet out over the edge of the tower, allowing  you to stand over the city and experience full panoramic views of the city. 

Another reason the Skydeck is a must-visit for any tourist is the experience. The Skydeck is not only about looking out over the city, the Willis Tower has turned it into an experience that you will surely remember. Including a history of the building, the history of Chicago architecture and the city as a whole. 

Looking for some insider tips on the Skydeck? We’ve got you covered to make you have the best experience possible. When looking for when to go, the best time is 45-50 minutes before sunset, allowing you enough time to get to the top and watch the sunset over the city. 

Of course you’re going to be taking pictures to capture this moment so for the best picture quality make sure to use the backlight function on your camera to capture the view. Even better Skydeck offers professionally done photos in the spots with the best views. But, if you’re going to be going out on the ledge a good tip….ditch the phone and enjoy the moment, each party is only allowed 60 seconds out on the ledge so make it count!

The Skydeck also offers plenty of activities and attractions for families with children, including the Willis Tower Skydeck Kids Club. Which features interactive games and attractions that will make the whole family excited to go. 

Whether you’ve never gone to the Skydeck or its your 12th time, it always brings the same stunned and amazed reaction to everyone’s face each time. It really is a one of a kind experience that you can only have in Chicago. There’s no other place where you can go up 1,353 ft and stand off the ledge, making it a must-visit for any tourist coming to this great city. 

By Will Norris

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