Happy Concierge Day!


Ten Things Your Concierge Can Do For You

February 2nd is Concierge Day in Chicago, an excellent occasion to share ten of the many things your concierge can do for you. 

Your  concierge … 

… helps you plan before your arrival

From the moment you book your hotel room, the relationship with your concierge starts. They can help you with traffic guidelines, hotel reservations, tickets for attractions and shows, etc.

… helps you run your business

If you are on a business trip, you may need help with printing materials, finding a courier service, someone to sign for a package, etc. Your concierge will gladly help you out!

… helps you become a local 

Blending in with the locals is one of the nicest things to do when traveling. Your concierge will help you with the local lingo and will book the best local tour guides so you get the best taste of local life.

… addresses your medical needs 

We hope it won’t happen to you, but just in case you forget a prescription or need a last-minute dentist appointment: a concierge can assist out-of-town guests with health needs too. 

… books your spa or beauty services

The will concierge help you find the perfect massage, hairdresser, make-up artist, nail studio, and more.

…  celebrates with you 

If you are planning a special celebration during your stay, the concierge will happily help you with the festive details: balloons or flower petals for your room, champagne, cake, … Congratulations, you are in the best hands!

… makes arrangements for furry friends

Let it be clear: (when allowed), pets are guests too! Besides arranging for a pet bowl and a pet bed in a guest’s room, concierges can recommend pet-friendly restaurants, dog parks, and activities for your favorite four-legged companions.

… helps you avoid lines

Since they know all about the most popular attractions, concierge staff can show you the tips and tricks to avoid waiting in long lines.

… gets you the right resources 

You concierge will show you the way to relevant magazines, maps, brochures, and more. In Chicago, that includes of course Concierge Preferred Magazine!

… handles out-of-the-box requests 

There’s very little a good concierge can’t do! From hosting an impromptu dog wedding to hosting actual breakfast at Tiffany’s, great concierges know how to get stuff done! 

And that is why we LOVE them SO MUCH! Happy Concierge Day!

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