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Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours

Written by Dustin Ford

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘tour’? Are you thinking about paddling down a river or soaring in the sky? If not, maybe you’ll change your mind after reading this. There are plenty of fantastic tours around Chicago, some of which give you a more hands-on experience.

Kayak Tours

Some of the most humbling tours are river tours. Add a kayak into that scenario and you’ve got an amazing experience. It’s also a fantastic workout! These tours are very affordable, averaging about $50 a person. On top of that you get to learn about Architecture, history, ghosts, and gangsters.

Cycle Boat Tours

“Kayaks are cool, but what if its leg day and I want to drink?” Well, that’s an odd request, but we’ve got you covered. Imagine a giant, aquatic tandem bike with a counter where you and friends can bring your own beverages, that’s a cycle boat. Paddle down the river with your friends, or just have them do all the work

Bike Tours

Speaking of tandem bikes, there are all sorts of bike rental touring services across Chicagoland. This is a bike city so you can be sure that these tour guides know their way around Chicago’s paths. Feeling adventurous? Go to a bike retail spot and pick out one of those weird four-person bikes and go on a tour of your own. Just don’t get lost.

Segway Tours

The Segway was meant to be a convenient way of traveling around cities and towns. While they never really became a household item, they did become excellent touring vessels. Zoom around Chicago in a safe and fun experience. Come on, you know you want to try one.

Helicopter Tours

Need I say more? You may have seen the skyline, but you probably haven’t been in it. Better yet, take a night tour and see Chicago lite up like never before.

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