Guide to Chicago’s Food Halls

Courtesy of Revival Food Hall

Chicago is a culinary melting pot, home to many restaurants that draw inspiration from around the globe. Lucky are the residents who call this city home, as it strives to satisfy the rich tapestry of cultural tastes. Within the vibrant Food Halls, these diverse flavors coexist, fostering an atmosphere that is entirely fueled by Chicago’s pluralism. Below, we share some of our personal favorites:

Chicago French Market

French Market Sign

Crowned as the Face of Food Halls by Faces of Chicago Hospitality, Chicago French Market is everything you’d want in an expansive culinary space. Established in 2009, it stands as the eldest food hall with a reputation to vouch for its longevity. The experienced chefs that craft the magic behind the scenes are a primary reason for the market’s success, housing vendors like Saigon Sisters, Buen Apetito, Frietkoten, and K-Kitchen. There is no doubt that Chicago French Market reigns supreme when it comes to the city’s food halls.

Revival Food Hall

If you’re seeking a food hall that is hip and can fit into any part of your day, Revival Food Hall is the spot. The coffee-turn-cocktail hall is home to Art of Dosa, Bianca’s Burgers, Smoque BBQ, Danke, and Hot Chi Chicken. It is these establishments, and its location in The Loop, that make Revival Food Hall such a perfect stop for lunch. It is safe to say that workers in the area are spoiled with some of the city’s best cuisine.

Time Out Market

Inside of Time Out Market

Eighteen kitchens, three bars, and one rooftop terrace function to create the unbeatable ambiance of Time Out Market. Flourishing with variety, this food hall hosts the likes of UrbanBelly, Avli, JoJo’s Shake Bar, Evette’s, and Tony’s Rooftop Bar. To put it plainly, if you’re in the West Loop and simply can’t decide where to eat, Time Out Market is certain to solve your indecisiveness.


If you’re like most and possess a deep love for the cuisine of Italy, Eataly may be your new obsession. Here, you can shop hundreds of high-quality Italian products and pick up peak-season produce from local farms — all in River North! Spend an hour perusing their offerings, and by the end, you’ll feel as though you’re in south-central Europe. 

Dom’s Kitchen & Market

Inside of Dom's Kitchen

In Lakeview, locals rave about the black and white building that is Dom’s Kitchen & Market. Whether it is a last minute dinner, a quick lunch, an iced coffee, a poured cocktail, or a grocery list, Dom’s is prepared to meet your needs. The hall is simply enjoyable to peruse, with a beautiful interior that somehow highlights each one of their many offerings. If you’re in the area, make an effort to check out this impressive space.

Aster Hall

Recognized as Michigan Avenue’s official food hall, Aster Hall provides a lavish place to consume Chicago’s offerings. Small Cheval, Lost Lily’s, The Rotisserie, and Chicago Char Dogs are just a few of the establishments that give this hall its identity. Step inside from the city’s most iconic street and experience its pallet firsthand at Aster Hall!

Written by Bridget Mcgann

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