Go Brewing: First Non-Alcoholic Brewery in Illinois


With a realization that there is not a large variety of non-alcoholic places to hang out, a suburban couple has found a solution. Developed in quarantine, this couple has taken a “sabbatical”  from your typical drinking and created a substitution: GoBrewing

With the mission to change lives, Joe Chura and his wife, Heather, have created the first non-alcoholic, and low-alcoholic percentage, brewery in the charming neighborhood of Naperville. Looking to redefine the world of alcohol, the Churas have crafted a brewery that can help one with their wellness goals. 

Joe and Heather Chura

With a carefully created line of great-tasting craft beers, Go Brewery is sure to have many revisit their favorite cravings. Enjoy your typical brewery, but without the consequences that may come with alcohol consumption. 

The 6000-square-foot location is the ideal spot for an emerging brewery. With Naperville’s dense population count and appreciation for entertainment/leisure, Go Brewing is placed in a perfect spot to spread the word! Their private events, live musicians, and outdoor games allow everyone to find something to do! Come in, socialize, and relax at Go Brewing! 

This great-tasting alternative to drinking has opened up the world of alcohol in an innovative direction. Enjoy your favorite go-to beer taste, while also managing your health and fitness needs.  And don’t worry! Although located in Naperville, Go Brewing has options for at-home delivery! With their 0- 2.49% craft beers, one is sure to implement a healthier way of drinking into their daily routine! Enjoy the experience at home! 

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