Get the shell to the Sam Adam’s Lakeview Taco Festival


Written by Dustin Ford

Chicago is housing some fantastic festivals this month. However, none of these events is nearly as spicy as Chicago’s Taco Festival.  Can you think of a better concept for a festival? While you mull that over, read on to know more about this amazing event.

Let’s get down to the meat and potatoes, or should we say ‘meat and tomatoes’? This taco fest is made possible by Sam Adams and the good people at the Friends of Lakeview. This festival will be taking place in the bustling Southport Avenue between the intersections of Addison and Roscoe. For those of you who are using GPS, the heart of the festival is at 3500 N Southport Ave. The Taco Festival will take place during the weekend of September 21st. There is no entrée fee, but there is a suggested donation of $10 to the Friends of Lakeview.

What’s a taco festival without tacos? You can expect there to be more tortillas than people. We’ve got all the meats here: Chicken, fish, steak, goat, duck. You name it! However, it’s not about what meats you have, it’s how you cook them. These vendors definitely know their way around food; they could make a food critic cry with sardines and a few ketchup packets. These are some serious tacos from people who are serious about food. Some of the vendors at this festival include:

  • Beat Kitchen
  • Brownstone Tavern & Grill
  • Café Tola
  • Dona Tola
  • D.S. Tequila Company
  • Garifuna Flava
  • The Pony Inn
  • Taco Join
  • Takorea Cocina
  • Tandoor Char House
  • Taqueria Arceo
  • Tied House
  • Schubas Tavern
  • Tuco & Blondie

Each one of these stellar vendors has their own take on the widely acclaimed South American dish. This is one of the few times that soft shell and hard shell people can come together in unity! Come and share the love! It’s a beautiful thing.

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