Get To Spain Without Leaving Chicago at the Chicago Flamenco Festival


Chicago is in dire need of some heat and the Chicago Flamenco Festival will surely bring some.

The Instituto Cervantes has scheduled live performances, films, and lectures focusing on the claps, stomps, and strumming that is essential in the musical genre that originates from the Romani people in Spain. The Chicago Flamenco Festival will introduce the fundamentals for those unfamiliar and show an interesting fusion being done with Flamenco and other styles of music for those already familiar with the art. There are four pillars to Flamenco: baile (dance), toque (guitar), palmas (clapping), and cante (singing) that you will discover throughout the festival’s events.

Standouts in this year’s festival will surely be the opening performance by Laksmi Basile La Chimi who has been performing since the age of six and although originally from the United States was the first non-Spaniard to win an award in the central flamenco contest, Concurso de las Minas de La Unión. Along with Basile, do not miss a fixture in the flamenco scene Carmen La Talegona who has shared the stage with countless flamenco stars.

To understand the global reach that flamenco has do not miss the the screening of “Tokio Jondo,” which covers the fascination and devotion that Japan has had with flamenco for over 40 years.

The Chicago Flamenco Festival runs from Feb. 6 – March 7 at multiple locations throughout the city. For a schedule and ticket information visit

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