Get Amped Up: Chicago House Music Festival


This September 15-18, 2022, the Chicago House Music Festival and Conference will hold a series of free performances across the birthplace of House Music: the Windy City. 

The Music Festival kicks off on Thursday, September 15, with a House Music Symposium hosted at The University of Chicago’s Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts. This conference will delve into the origination and timeline of house music. 

The weekend of music will continue on Friday with performances in iconic Millennium Park. Ten City, a Grammy-nominated band from Chicago, will headline. Other featured artists include DJs and other local and award-winning performers of a variety of sounds and styles.

Next, a day of celebration for Frankie Knuckles, an American DJ who helped to popularize House Music in Chicago. Saturday’s festivities include a series of evening bus tours throughout Chicago to various house music performance venues and clubs. All of this, thanks to a gracious host: Rebuild Foundation. This organization provides South Side artists with unique arts programming and resources to support the community as a whole. 

To end the four days of house music, Sunday will include a final day of performances. Additionally, Open The Circle, a non-profit centered on progress toward racial justice via creative arts will take place during the day, will hold a dance competition for all ages.  

Overall, this festival is not only a celebration of House Music, but is also an act of service to the community through community involvement, growth and service.

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