Get a leg up: Chicago Architecture Walking Tours


Written by Dustin Ford

Visitors to our city go mad over its beautiful architecture. Likewise, architecture tours are some of the most popular. Some visitors would rather get a more interactive and cheaper tour, a tour that shows what it’s like to be a Chicagoan. Luckily for them, the Chicago Architecture Center has the solution.

The CAC has several walking tours that guide sightseers through all the streets and pathways of the Windy City. Be sure to dress comfortably because there is a lot to learn about how Chicago was built. All the better reason to tour with the pros.

These tour guides are professionals who know the ins and outs of Chicago. They can pick up on the smallest details that you never would have noticed otherwise. Even local Chicagoans, who want the city streets every day, will not be able to pick out half the things that these guides have to show. You can bet that these guys can answer all your questions about Chicago and its architecture.

Why take a walking tour? For one, it’s excellent exercise. These tours tend to last anywhere from 1-2 hours, so be sure to bring some water bottles and a snack. Or you could drop by a local shop and grab one. This is one of the biggest benefits of walking tours; it’s intimacy. You are closer to the action than ever before.

Walking tours are perfect for more casual and athletic architecture enthusiasts. So grab your running shoes and get out there!

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